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A journey through the time of packaging

Basic coverage

Packaging food items is a practise ‘as old as the road to Rome.’ Long before, solutions existed to make it easier to transport food and keep it fresh for longer. Empack, the packaging trade fair in the Netherlands, describes a journey: from earthenware pots and nettle leaves via the first tin can to biobased packaging.

Enamelled objects and jewelry have been found in the Middle East from around 5000 BC. In ancient Egypt, about 2000 BC, ointment bottles, vases, and jewelry were already made from it. However, the storage function of food in glass jars was delayed until 1200 BC. In the second century, the Chinese used dried mulberry bark to wrap food. It is still used to make high-quality paper from the pulp. There are various types of food packing: ice-cool food packing, gel packs, and insulated delivery boxes.


The right packaging solution for every meal

With our vast range of food packaging, you will always find the right solution for the packaging and presentation of your product range. We have exactly what you want: cool, practical, and hygienic. 

What is the gel in ice packs?

An ice or gel pack is a transportable plastic bag filled with refrigerant gel. Before use, the contents are frozen in a freezer. Due to water’s high latent heat of fusion, both ice and other non-toxic refrigerants (usually water) can absorb a lot of of ambient heat, long before raising above 0°C.

 Coolpack gel packs

Water and gel ice packs are excellent refrigerants for transporting fish, meat, cheese, chocolate, medicines, food, or flowers. The gel packs are ideal when there is no return flow, and you need competitively priced refrigerants that don’t necessarily come back to you. That isn’t to say they can’t be reused however, simply re-freezing the packs in the freezer prepares them for their next application. Our delivery boxes are lined with foil made from a leak-proof solid polyethylene making them durable and long-lasting.

Ice Packs for Passive Cooling & Thermal Management

Ice packs can be used to manage temperatures of a range of items. By ensuring the target ambient temperature aligns with the temperature capabilities of your gel pack, a constant, well-regulated temperature can be achieved, which is perfect for sensitive goods requiring consistent temperatures.

Hot / Cold Plates

Ice packs  can facilitate the transportation of outstanding food for buffet displays. By placing a number of gel packs in around food containers to lower the ambient temperature for maximum freshness. This is especially improtant when items may be on display for extended time periods, where maintaining low temperatures is particuarly difficult.

Using gel packs for refrigerated transport

Gel packs are waterproof polyethylene bags filled with polymer-based cooling gel. They are used for the refrigerated or accustomed transport of goods.  You can easily ensure that your products arrive at their destination nice and fresh.  Because gel packs are widely applicable in logistics, our customers use our gel packs throughout Europe.



While developing our product range for insulated food delivery, we put great emphasis on the precise processing of high-quality materials, whereby optimum user-friendliness is always the focus.


We pride ourselves on providing high quality service. We will analyse your packaging needs and provide product recommendations, while designing bespoke products where a niche requirement is identified.


 Our years of experience providing high quality, cost-effective solutions will help us to guarantee a good solution for your requirements.


The ideal way out is to be used with our food delivery boxes for any food delivery business looking to keep food cool and fresh in transit.


A case in point of perfect uses is – ready meals and meal prep; sushi; dessert businesses; and other chilled meals; butchers, fishmongers, and fizzy drinks.

Temperature range

Our insulated elivery boxes with gel ice packs maintain a controlled temperature between 0 – 8°C for 48 hours.


Our Higher performance of ice packs than water-based cooling products, requiring no action before use.


We provide High quality packs – tear-resistant, and durable for outstanding longevity.

Closing stages:

Our insulated food delivery boxes take your ice pack food delivery business to the next level. Assembled from double-walled cardboard and an insulating foil bubble bag, our packages keep food products safe, fresh, and cool for up to 48 hours. They are reusable; as they can be cooled in a fridge between uses and disposed of if required. They are delivered smoothly and efficiently assembled in minutes. Select from different available sizes to suit your businesses’ needs and facilities. Please see measurements for compatibility with varying delivery vehicles, such as motorcycles and bicycles.

For bespoke inquiries, large quantities with our orders, and more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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