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A Move without Anxiety? A Matter of Organization!

Anyone who has moved homes knows well that moving is a stressful task.

However, you can make your move pleasant, through meticulous organization, and enjoy the euphoria of a new life. Sit down and read this article to learn a few tricks if you are about to move.

A move without anxiety: Easy to say, challenging to do. The organization is key, but one thing that you can learn and make your own. So how do I organize the perfect move? You can do this in 3 steps:

  1. The first step is thorough cleaning: Throw away what you do not need, so you will not have to transport any more than you need to. From small items, clothes, and utensils to furniture that doesn’t fit the new home. An ecological choice would be to give these things to those who need them: The beauty of doing a good job and the convenience of having someone come to take these things home, saving various trips to the ecological world. What’s better? 
  1. The second step is to divide your belongings into labeled boxes. One tip to avoid getting lost is to start and finish one room at a time. Let’s start, for example, with the bedroom: How do I organize the boxes for a quick move? First of all, you don’t have to hurry!. It would be easier to throw all the clothes in the boxes at random, but this method is incompatible with the title of this article. Here we go, the first box! Arm yourself with a label and a marker (and some good music). First of all, specify the room intended for the box, the contents, and if the wardrobe/piece of furniture will move with you.
  1. The third and last step: How to eliminate the fatigue, stress, and back pain from repetitive car trips with a thousand boxes? Contact a moving company. You can make a move in just one day without making a physical effort. In fact, to avoid anxiety, often the best solution is to have another person do that thing. You can’t do it for a university exam, but with a move, yes!

Let’s look at more tips to organize your move!

Moving is a critical moment in family life, exciting but demanding. It is necessary to organize yourself well, and for this, we have thought of a series of tips that will make everything easier for you!

Get everything you need to pack.

If you rely on a moving service, you will most likely also be provided with all the packaging materials, but make sure that these are sufficient. Consider that you will need a lot more boxes based on initial estimates because it is challenging to realize how much things accumulate over years and years!

  • Boxes
  • Strong adhesive tape
  • Cutter
  • Gloves
  • Markers
  • Colorful stickers
  • Paper/labels
  • Bubble wrap/foam rubber
  • Wrapping paper
  • Newsprint/tissue paper
  • Large format transparent film
  • Moving bags for clothes
  • Waste bags

Start early

If the move isn’t sudden, you can start packing well in advance. Pack the clothes of the past season, the bags and objects you do not need every day, such as travel accessories, and a good part of the home decoration (paintings, vases, ornaments).

Take advantage of it to declutter.

You will have to empty every drawer, every wardrobe, and every shelf, and you will probably find forgotten items. But, above all, you will have the opportunity to evaluate whether to keep, throw away or donate what passes in your hands. This is the perfect time to select and decide to leave behind what is no longer needed and, perhaps, to return those books that someone lent you years ago!

You can also put furniture up for sale that you don’t want to bring into your new home – posting your ads early will give you a better chance of finding a buyer.

How to make boxes and fill moving bags?

Don’t make the boxes too heavy, because then it will be impossible to lift them!

  • Pack the items individually. For example, the dishes should be wrapped and protected with a layer of bubble wrap, while the clothes can be folded as for a standard season change or vacuum-packed in the unique bags.

To save on packaging materials, which will then be thrown away, you can find creative solutions. An example? Use socks to protect the glasses!

  • Use the list method: write everything, really everything! Number the boxes and record the contents of each on time, noting details. And describe as much as possible so as to find what you are looking for quickly: it will take a few days to unpack the packages! For example, write “plates and cutlery for everyday use” rather than “kitchen.” This may seem like a waste of time, but rest assured, you’ll be happy you did!

Assign a color for each room and attach colored stickers to each box to identify where they will be placed: in this way, all you need is a glance to divide the packages.

  • A backpack for one: invite each family member to prepare a backpack/bag with the items they will want immediately. As soon as they set foot in the new home, they may need a set of sheets, towels, electric extensions, pen and paper, a table lamp, paper handkerchiefs, cosmetics, and soap.

Administrative matters

It will also be vital to communicate your change of address to the bank, the electricity and gas Supply Company, and the telephone company. Also, tell your children’s kindergarten/school and insurance company about your new address.

Also, remember to change the subscription service to magazines and newspapers.

Other tips to always keep in mind

  • Pack open cosmetic vials well;
  • Instead of emptying the drawers, pull them out and use the large cling film to seal them;
  • Attach the screws to the piece of furniture you have just removed with adhesive tape;
  • Label all electrical cables so that you can find them easily;
  • Remember to defrost the fridge at least one day before the move;
  • Make sure you still have the locks for the washing machine drum or get them.

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