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The latest reports from HSE have revealed that over a third of all workplace injuries are caused by incorrect manual handling. These injuries can have massive implications, not only on the employee but also on the employer. Here at Britwrap we seek to improve workplace health and safety with our unique mattress cover and here’s how…


Before any lifting activity we should automatically plan and assess the situation:

  • • What am I lifting?
  • • How heavy is it?
  • • Carrying distance?
  • • Environment?

Investing time in considering these factors is key to the safe handling of large goods. The user friendly design of Britwrap’s mattress bags can simplify this process saving you time, money and most importantly injury!


The NHS advises you to carry heavy loads closer to the body at waist level, as this reduces the overall impact of the load on the spine and the surrounding muscles. Carrying weight at this level lowers your risk of injury. As you can see the handles on our mattress bags allow you to carry the mattress in an upright position, close to the body and are at a perfect height for safe lifting.


Delving a little further into the uniqueness of our handles, it is well known that when lifting heavy loads having a good, solid grip is essential. The thick webbing of our loop handles, as used on 1 tonne bulk bags, naturally provides a strong, non slip hold. However the real innovation in our design is the triple reinforcement of its handles. Strength and durability are at the heart of this design. The handles are able to support the weight of all mattress sizes without detaching itself from the cover. This enables control, stability and security for your mattress and your body.


Once your mattress is in transit, it is important to move smoothly, sudden twists and jerks can cause muscle strain and tears. The extra heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric of the bags helps the mattress glide over surfaces making it easier to manoeuvre through awkward spaces. Britwrap mattress bags will not rip and can be reused up to 70 times, protecting your mattress and you. The stress and strain of lifting on your body is taxing on a small scale but if your job requires you to lift heavy mattresses every day, using a Britwrap mattress cover will make handling a whole lot easier and consequently safer. It is award winning, innovative and promotes correct manual handling – what more could you ask for?

Contact us for any enquiries or further information.

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