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Estimates indicate that by 2050 there will be 9 billion people living on the planet, all laying claim to the planet’s resources resulting in increasing constraints and environmental impact.

In the UK this will result in an increase in the way we use, reuse, repair and recycle resources of all kinds. We will see greater innovation in design and end-of-life technologies. One important area of innovation is in supply chains, particularly with regard to product life cycle and the circular economy.

Weir & Carmichael’s award winning Britwrap products are designed to deliver benefits right along the supply chain and offer solutions that can be rapidly adopted. The protective packaging systems are designed to protect products in transit and significantly reduce damage. In a closed loop transport system they can be re-used up to 70 times and allow retailers and manufacturers to significantly reduce the amount of single trip packaging eg cardboard or polythene, that was previously required. Key advantages of Britwrap are :

• Significant reduction in replacement costs for damaged product and transport costs arising from re-delivery • Improved customer satisfaction • Substantial decrease in packaging costs • Major reduction in costs for Producer Responsibility Obligation (Packaging Waste) Regulations • Britwrap products have 15 times less impact upon the environment than the alternative use of polythene and cardboard. Breakeven for CO2 is achieved after just 4 uses.

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Typical applications include –

Bespoke products can be designed and made to order.

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