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Are you moving house? Need to transport or store a mattress but are worried about it getting damaged or dirty?

When moving home, transporting the mattress can present many problems for the homeowner. Mattresses are difficult to handle due to their sheer size. Some can be heavy, especially when you are trying to move double or king-size mattresses. This makes them extremely difficult to manoeuvre and keep clean.

Traditional packaging to protect a mattress when moving house include make shift covers from blankets, however these can betricky to keep on the mattress when lifting. Alternative methods include polythene bags, however these can be expensive and do not provide full protection for the mattress even once inside the cover. The thin specification of polythene means that the bags can easily tear with fingers going through the bag when trying to lift the mattress and move it around. This can leave your mattress susceptible to damage and dirt. Also, polythene bags do not have any handles which makes it difficult to move the mattress from your home.

Also, once used, the polythene style covers need to be chucked away so one would be required for each mattress. 

Weir & Carmichael have designed the Britwrap Mattress Bag which, once inside, will keep your mattress clean and protected when leaving your home

Our award winning packaging solution comes with reinforced handles which allow the mattress to be easily moved once inside the cover. This can be particularly useful when trying to navigate around tight corners, doorways or stairs making the moving process far easier, preventing any risk of injury due to incorrect manual handling.

The Britwrap is also the best solution if you need to store mattresses. It will not rip or tear, will prevent moisture from getting inside and stops bugs from getting in! Britwrap Mattress bags are reusable up to 40 uses, which means the mattress can be stored and taken out many times. It can also be reused for all mattresses within your home providing they are within the same size. Make moving home a seamless and stress free experience with Britwrap Mattress Bags, safe in the knowledge that your mattress will be fully protected once inside the cover. Easy to put on and take off, the Britwrap mattress bags can also be fold away not when not in use.

See our video of the Britwrap in use to see for yourself. We believe Britwrap should be an essential part of your moving supplies.

Britwrap mattress bags can be purchased online here in the following sizes – Single, Double, King size, Super king.

Contact us for any further enquiries or information.