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Cool boxes keep food products fresh during their journey from point A to point B. There are different types of chilled packing which are suitable for various purposes. In this article we will take a closer look at what’s on offer.

Types of cooling products

There are different cooling elements, all of which have unique effects. Below we list them, and the properties are further explained.

Cooling elements of Phase Change Material (PCM) 

PCM is a material whose phase changes are used to protect the temperature of products. The material absorbs energy to use at a later time. Britwrap produces various chilled packings made from this material. The material works from 0 – 8°C. The properties of PCM can be adjusted to personal wishes. For example, the material can be delivered frozen, cooled, or at room temperature.

Shape-retaining cooling elements

There are also cooling elements available that are dimensionally stable. Some cooling features, such as a gel pack, can take a different shape than desired when frozen. A form-retaining cooling part is a solution. To achieve the desired shape, a form-retaining cooling element can be a foam brick, sponge brick, or hard cooling element. These cooling elements are often chosen when there is limited space in the transport.

Gel packs

 It is extremely important to purchase the right quality gel packs.  Gel packs maintain temperatures between 0 – 8°C degrees for 48 hours. For temperatures lower than 0 degrees, PCM can be chosen. Gel packs are available in different sizes and types to find the perfect transport solution. Britwrap offers gel packs that arean ideal solutions for our food delivery boxes or for any food delivery business looking to keep food cool and fresh in transit. Examples of perfect uses are – meal prep and ready meals; dessert businesses; sushi and other chilled restaurant meals; butchers and fishmongers; and cold drinks. Our gel packs provide a higher performance capacity than water-based cooling products, requiring no activation before use.

Do you sell temperature-sensitive products such as food or medicines? On a hot day, food items can expire quickly and often without producers realising. This poses a risk for some food items that might make customers unwell if they have indeed expired. Fortunately,  you can get through the summer with peace of mind with cool boxes and isothermal packaging. Follow these three steps and prepare your most sensitive products for a safe and (especially) fresh shipment!

► Step 1: Choose the right packaging

Does safe transport start with choosing the right packaging: boxes, bags, or foil? Their polystyrene or polyethylene cladding reflects the cold inside the package. It keeps the contents of the packaging cool. A constant temperature is then easily guaranteed for 48 hours.

1.  Isothermal cooling boxes

Pack your sensitive products in a cool box to protect them against unwated overheating.Our Britwrap range provides three sizes to suit your needs.

Britwrap cooling boxes:

Small  =  24.5 x 24.5 x 24cm (14 l) + foil +  2x ice packs.

Medium =  34.5 x 34.5 x 24cm (29 l) + foil + 4x ice packs.

Large  =  40.5 x 40.5 x 30cm (49 l) + foil + 6 x ice packs

2. Isothermal bags

These types of bags are provided with a sturdy, insulating foil liner. This solution is reusable, as the boxes and liners can be filled with freshly chilled gel packs from the freezer.

3. Isothermal Bubble Wrap

Isothermal bubble wrap is a versatile product, as it can be shaped to fill delivery boxes. This insulating bubble wrap is triple-layered. It ensures that your products reach their destination at their optimum temperature. 

► Step 2: Go for extra protection

1. Cooling elements 

To keep packaged food products during transportation, add gel packs to your delivery box. The number of gel ice packs required depends on the distance item are travelling and the resultant duration of the journey.

2. Temperature Indicators 

Another handy extra are temperature indicators. These immediately shows whether the safe temperature inside the box has been exceeded during transport. You would stick such an indicator outside your product or inside your package if it got too hot in the box, the hand-turned red.

► Step 3: Communicate clearly with your customers

Before you give your package to the courier service, it is best to finish your cool boxes with warning labels. Then your customer will know better which instructions to follow to store or handle your products correctly.

1. Labels with a warning message

 As soon as the customer sees this striking red label, he knows that his delivery must be stored in a cool environment as quickly as possible. The permanent adhesive layer of this label also adheres perfectly to any packaging.

2. Temperature Indicator Labels

A temperature indicator (see step 2) is best combined with a warning label. If your products have exceeded a certain temperature level, the title contains valuable information and instructions on further treatment.

By shutting down

Our temperature control range aims to provide packaging solutions to manage the temperature of contents effectively. Suppose you’re looking for a chilled package for your food products or food delivery, for example, desserts, sushi, meal prep, or butchers/fishmongers. In that situation, we have an impeccable solution for you. Compared to portable fridges or large chiller boxes, our delivery boxes are incredibly cost-effective. To keep contents fine and cool inside, our delivery bags come with and can be used with our gel delivery cooling packs, which are small 500g packs of specialized coolant gel which can stay between 0 – 8° for up to 48 hours. Our delivery boxes with chilled packing are strong and hard-wearing. They can take a knock during shipment without contents sustaining any loss. Leak and tear-resistant, the parcels will ensure your customers aren’t disappointed by spilled orders and ruined products.

We supply a wide range of chilled packaging products, many of which can be customized to your requirements. For large quantity orders, bespoke inquiries, or further information, please contact us on 0151 934 1250 to speak to our friendly sales team.