In order to make the Britwrap reusable mattress covers easier to use, we now have a downloadable instructions for use document which will show you how to use the bags correctly.

Britwrap Mattress Bags Instructions for Use (Downloadable PDF)

The instructions for use covers:

  • How to put the cover on the mattress correctly.
  • How to take the mattress out of the mattress bag
  • How to fold up the cover when not in use.

General Handling Instructions

We also have some general care instructions to ensure you get the maximum benefits and prolong the life of your mattress bag which are as follows:

Mattress bag must not be dragged - Two man lift at all times


Use both hands to lift and carry the cover correctly using the two handles provided. This will distribute the weight of the mattress evenly and prevent any manual handling issues and damages to the cover/handles.


There must always be two people to move the protective cover at all times once the mattress is inside.


Keep the mattress bag off the ground completely as this will damage the base of the cover which would then lead to damage of the mattress.

Unique reinforced loops prevent damages from manual handling.Use handles to manoeuvre mattress through door frames and up stairs.Two man operation only throughout the full delivery. Please DO NOT DRAG, even when in the home.

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