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Products damaged in transit can be a considerable cost for retailers and manufacturer, as well as a major inconvenience for both the company and the consumer. Bulky and difficult to handle products such as Kitchen Worktopsand Mattresses are particularly susceptible to damage throughout transit as the delivery teams struggle to pick up and carry the product effectively.  If the product does not have the correct type of protective packaging, the product can be easily bumped or scrapped during transportation, or the delivery teams could put their hands through the packaging. This would break the hygiene seal thus leaving the product unsuitable for sale or susceptible to product damage.  

Expensive products such a kitchen worktops and mattresses can see huge losses if the product has to be returned and is no longer suitable for sale. Such a massive cost can however be prevented with the correct protective packaging.


Many companies use disposable protective packaging such as polythene and cardboard. These are costly and damaging to the environment and do not provide sufficient amount of protection, which therefore allows damages to the products.

In an attempt to prevent damages companies have increased the amount of disposable protective packaging they use. For example, double bagging a mattress or increasing the gage of polythene wrapping used. This is not only far more costly, but also creates higher amounts of waste and still does not provide complete product protection.

Britwrap Reusable Transport Packaging is the solution to protective packaging problems for home delivery products. Our Kitchen Worktop Covers and Mattress Bags are made from thick woven polypropylene fabric which will not rip or tear, even under extreme pressure when holding these heavy items. The covers a sewn into specific shapes to fit the product securely and comes with unique reinforced loops which prevents any damages from bad manual handling. The most important benefit is that the product is reusable. The covers have been designed with strength and durability in mind which means the Britwrap protective packaging will provide full protection for products in transit for an average of 50 uses. This provides massive cost savings compared to disposable packaging as Britwrap protective packaging will pay for itself after only a few uses. It will also eliminate any damages associated with transit as the product is fully protected once inside the cover. This reduction in damages and product returns will bring considerable reduction in the costs associated with damaged returns in home delivery. Britwrap Protective Packaging is designed to be returned to the distribution centre once the product has been delivered.

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