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Moving homes can be one of the most stressful experiences of a lifetime. Forming a large part of this stress is the task of ensuring furniture and other belongings are moved efficiently without being damaged. If this doesn’t go to plan costs can easily rise and your blood pressure along with it. Sofas in particular are a pain and so we’ve created a handy guide below to help you keep your sofa protected during moving and storage.


 Preparation is key when it comes to moving large pieces of furniture, as these are often difficult to manoeuvre around tight spaces. The key is to make your load as light as possible and to adopt a safe lifting position. In order to prepare:

  •  You may want to remove any loose cushions, throws or coverings first to make the job a little easier.
  •  washing these bits so that they are dirt and dust free.
  •  If you plan to store your sofa for a lengthy period or even just want it to be fresh when it gets to your new home, you may want to vacuum your sofa so that it is clean and less of a target for little nasties.
  •  Also consider: Does your transport of choice have enough space to fit your sofa?

  2.CAN I FIT THIS COUCH THROUGH MY DOOR?Britwrap's Sofa Bag lifting sofa through door with ease

 As with anything, forward planning is smart. There are two ways to find out if your sofa will fit and one of them can end in tears. Be sure to:

  • Measure your sofa’s height, length and width, allowing extra space for your chosen cover or wrapping.
  •  Measure all doorways, halls and corners to make certain your sofa will fit through the route to your transport.
  •  Consider any obstacles which may be along the way, such asornaments, shelves or small furniture.

 If some of these will get in the way you could consider moving them. Certain things, like radiators, you won’t be able to move, so you should plan how you will avoid them. Britwrap’s sofa bag is perfect here, as with 16 handles, it enables you to tilt your sofa while you’re carrying it to allow you to fit it through tricky spaces with greater ease and safety.


 Included on your moving house checklist should be some sort of protection for your sofa. By nature of the materials they’re made from, most sofas are vulnerable to damage. As one of the first things you will need in your new home after a hard day of lugging around heavy boxes, you want to ensure it survives unscathed.

 There are many ways to protect your sofa:

  •  Plastic and fabric wrapping
  •  Protective blankets
  •  Bubble wrap and tape
  •  Plastic/synthetic covers

 Many of these options provide some protection for your sofa, but most of them are insufficient and make your sofa bulkier and more difficult to carry.

 Britwrap’s sofa moving bag provides the quickest, easiest and most effective means of protecting your sofa during your move. The heavy-duty woven polypropylene material will withstand rough surfaces, sharp objects and provide a water resistant barrier. Its 16 strong handles which make lifting a significantly easier task and will help prevent personal injuries.

Sofa’s are not the only tricky household items to transport during a moving home. See our full range of protective furniture and mattress bags here or call 0151 934 1250

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