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How to choose the best Protective Packaging?

Packaging makes your business and your brand grow through increased exposure. Additionally, it provides protection, safety and options for customization. Packaging can also be used to protect goods and items while they’re being stored or transported.

Improvement of the product packaging process is crucial for the success of companies that sell online.

Roles and functions of packaging                     

Understanding and optimizing your packaging could help your business succeed. Packaging has 4 typical uses:

  1. Branding
  2. Usability
  3. Protection 
  4. Security
  1. Branding:  Customising packaging with your branding  It improves the loyalty and brand identity process. The nicer your packaging appears, better the perception of the goods received. The right branding on your packaging can help to gain an emotional reaction from any customers who see your protective packaging
  2. Usability:  Packaging should aim to maximise speed and efficiency while transporting goods. Here, the quality of design of your packaging is paramount, as the packaging is the only barrier between items and potential damage. Packaging should therefore be designed with how it will specifically be used in mind, which also reduces reliance on generic, disposable packaging products.
  3. Protection:  Protective packaging should be designed with a consideration of the key stages during an item’s journey that will pose the greatest risks. For example, mattress bags can be used to protect mattresses while they’re being carried to moving vans and in storage, where mattresses are more susceptible to stains, impact damage or rips/tears. 
  4. Security:  Some product categories require specific security systems. For example, luxury or valuable goods usually ship with a logic that is a deterrent to any theft or tampering. Use boxes with a double bottom, anti-burglary tapes, or gummed paper tapes to ensure the integrity of the package.

How to make shipments professionally: from transport to delivery

For particularly vulnerable items, it may be necessary to use specialized transportation services. These, unfortunately can be very expensive, and in some cases, unaffordable or unfeasible. Here, lower-cost protective packaging or optimized bespoke packaging can provide ample protection without breaking the bank.  

 How to choose the best protective packaging?

Generally, boxes are the most popular packaging in the world of transport, but there are many other products for shipments that are perfectly suited to every type of good.

  • Filling materials, for example, make it possible to fill the gaps inside the packs. It prevents the products from moving inside, lessening the risk of damage.
  • For metal products, on the other hand, it is advisable to use anticorrosive material. It protects the items from the risk of rust and oxidation. Anti-humidity desiccants are a good way to remove excess moisture in the air surrounding goods.
  • Some products, such as food products, will spoil at higher temperatures. They need to be kept cool using an insulated packaging product, such as insulated delivery boxes. 
  • For electronic products, on the other hand, antistatic materials are reliable that adapt to the shape of the devices. It protects them from electrostatic fields.
  • For quality and high-performing packaging, it’s important to choose the right company with suitable knowledge of protective packaging. 

Eco-sustainability and branding: two services to give your brand an edge

Two important assets to enhance further and optimize shipping are eco-sustainability and branding.

More and more companies are “converting” to the production of eco-friendly shipping materials. First of all, it is a very appreciable ethical choice because it decreases the use of raw materials. It favors recycling to benefit the surrounding environment. Beyond the ethical aspect, it is also important to underline the benefits of sustainable branding. Eco-sustainability is a topic that is a particularly important issue internationally. So in the eyes of consumers, a company that produces in an ecological business model certainly scores points.

Printing packaging with logos, branding, and slogans adds value in terms of aesthetics and allows you to advertise without excessive expense. Bespoke packaging is becoming more and more popular, meaning it may soon be a standard that business should aim to meet.

If you’re seeking the best protective packaging in the UK, Britwrap is a great choice. We are a highly experienced company when it comes to protective packaging, providing excellent bespoke products to our clients, in addition to building a range of suitable protective packaging products.