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How to clean and store rugs and carpets?

Choosing the right carpet or rug is a big decision when doing up your home, as the spaces they inhabit are where people often spend much of their time at home. Being constantly walked over, carpet absorbs a lot of dirt, bacteria and dust, making their cleaning paramount for good hygiene. Additionally, carpet stains are very difficult to remove and so stains from coffee and wine are the main enemy of carpets.

The time to prepare winter rugs is coming near, so we will share some wisdom on how to do so effectively.

How Should Carpets Be Stored?

Regular cleaning is key to hygienic carpet care.

It’s important to ensure you still do so even when you  aren’t using it regularly, as bacteria can build up this way. Storing carpets isn’t rocket science, but it requires some thought. To keep your carpet safe and secure, follow these steps to prepare it for storage.

  • Thoroughly clean the carpet.
  • Protect the carpet from insects and other pests.
  • Roll the carpet well to store it.
  • Wrap the carpet in a protective cloth or plastic bag.
  • Lift the carpet off the floor in a cold, dry environment.
  • Open the carpet and check it every few months for signs of damage.

Don’t have time to clean the rug or carpet at home? Don’t worry! Just sweep the carpets as much as possible and deliver them to a professional cleaning company, there’s plenty of great options to choose from.

Deep and Natural Cleansing of carpet or rug.

Many methods can be used to clean carpets thoroughly. Especially in recent years, the number of professional carpet cleaning companies has increased significantly. You can use any of them to clean your carpet and store it. 

How to clean:

Carpet cleaning should be done with natural methods where possible. For example, adding a small amount of vinegar to water will clean carpet stains and remove foul odors. Another material that you can use to make your carpet clean is bicarbonate of soda. This kills bacteria and eliminates odors. However, corn starch needs to be slightly added when used, which has the properties of moisture and oil absorption. After spraying this mixture on the carpet, waiting half an hour is enough. Simply brush the mixture off and leave to dry.

Using too many chemicals to clean carpets can cause allergic reactions or even more serious ailments. For this reason, natural cleaning materials that remain on the carpet after use should not affect the people living in the house.

Carpet Storage Methods

Depending on the region and place you live in, you may don’t not use carpets for extended periods. In the transition to different seasons and similar situations, clean the carpet thoroughly. After that store them by folding them efficiently.

Keep a few key things in mind when folding the carpet. In order to prevent traces when folding your carpet. It is essential to remove it by wrapping it in the form of a roll, not randomly. When rolling your carpet out, care should be taken to ensure that the hairs on the carpet are folded in the direction of travel. If you do not intend to use the carpet, you intend to store it for a long time. You will need to take additional precautions to prevent damage to the carpet. At this stage, the first option that will come to your mind is the use of naphthalene.

One of the points you should pay attention to when wrapping your carpets is the use of tape or rope to prevent the carpets from opening. By using these, you will prevent your carpets from being damaged. This is important. You can cover your carpets with sheets or cloth in order to prevent dust and contamination of your carpets after purchase. If you are not going to use your carpets for a long time, we recommend that you open them periodically and clean them.

Preparation of Carpets in the Transport Process

When you decide to move homes, you can give your carpets to a professional clean. If you give your carpets to the cleaning company, your carpets will reach you in a practical way on the day of moving, cleaned, and packaged. By taking advantage of this service, you will not have to repackage your carpets.

In this way, you can take your carpets out of their packages and start using them in your new home. If you are going to pack your own, you need a protective rug bag to wrap your carpets tightly in rolls. You can use rope or tape to prevent your carpets from unraveling. In addition, we recommend wrapping your carpets with an additional piece of cloth or sheet. In this way, you will take the best precautions to prevent damage to your carpets.