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Reusable Pallet Covers


You spent months saving up, researching and waiting for delivery of the perfect mattress for you. It’s now moving day, and you’re faced with dragging your precious mattress downstairs and out of the front door, with nothing to protect it from sustaining costly damage. Whether this is your first experience of moving a mattress, or a better-educated second attempt, we’ve put together a list of seven steps to guide you through the process.

What you need to know before moving the mattress?

Always get help from others to move your mattress. Mattresses can weight between a range of 20-45 Kg, depending on the type. If you try to lift and move the mattress yourself, you are putting yourself at risk of personal injury, such as lower back strain from non-ergonomic lifting. You also need to decide how to transport your mattress. Fixing a mattress to the roof of a car may seem like a cost-effective method, however exposure to contaminants and other factors can damage the mattress in this scenario, so providing a layer of protection is vital.

It is best to transport mattresses inside a moving truck or van, or alternatively a car with enough room to fit it. Driving with a full vehicle can cause problems, such as reduced driver visibility. Always drive at a moderate speed where possible, to ensure that the mattress does not move during turns, when braking suddenly, or when accelerating. These can not only damage the mattress, but create a significant distraction for the driver, which is unsafe while on the road. If you have fastened your mattress to a roofrack, be sure to periodically check that the mattress if secured firmly and will not go anywhere.

How to move a mattress in 7 simple steps?

  1. Cover the mattress with a mattress bag

Place the mattress flat on the floor or against a wall. Lift one end as your partner slides the bag over the mattress. Ensure all air has been expelled from the bag, then fold the flaps down and seal the velcro firmly.

  1. Plan your route.

Remove any obstacles and debris from the walkway and stairs to prevent yourself or your partner tripping over. Make sure all the doors are open and wide so that you can move the mattress without any hassle. If you need to transport the mattress through any narrow spaces, use the reinforced carry handles to tilt and reposition your mattress bag to avoid anything in the way.

  1. Prepare your moving vehicle

Check that the van or car doors are open to make the process as smooth as possible. If the seats need to be removed or lowered, do so before lifting the mattress into your vehicle. Seatbelts can be used to help secure mattresses to improve safety.

  1. Pick up the mattress

Always lift using the reinforced carry handles and aim to achieve an ergonomic lifting technique. Examples of best practises can be found online and should determine the height of the handles you use on the mattress bag. Lifting without the carry handles poses risks to your personal health, as well as providing much less stability during handling.

  1. Place the mattress in your car

If you use a van or a truck, simply lift the mattress off the cart and place it inside in a secure position. If you have to carry your mattress on the roof of a car or SUV, it is doubly necessary to use a mattress cover to protect the mattress cover from contamination. Be especially careful when installing a mattress on the roof or ceiling, and be sure to check the brakes.

  1. Secure the mattress

Depending on the type of car you use, position the mattress using the instructions below.

  • Truck:
  1. If possible, place your mattress on a luggage rack.
  2. Make sure you don’t step on your mattress, as the weight against the hard surface below can damage springs.
  3. You can use a nylon cord or ratchet rope to secure the mattress in place if you have these available.
  • Car / SUV (with roof rack): place the mattress flat on the roof rack and check that there are no tears or other flaws in the bag covering your mattress. Wrap the nylon cord or ratchet straps horizontally across the mattress bag front, middle, and back in a sturdy knot.
  • Car/SUV (without roof rack):

If your car doesn’t have a roof rack, place the mattress on top of the vehicle.

Wrap nylon cords or ratchet cords around the mattress body in the front, middle, and back (and in the corners if possible).

Pass the rope through the front door of the jam, the rear passenger windows, and back to the roof, securing the car’s mattress.

Can folding a mattress damage it?

Folding spring mattresses in half can harm the frame and make the mattress uncomfortable to sleep on. In extreme cases, it can irerepearably damage the mattress. Polyurethane-based memory foam has excellent flexibility and softness that allows it to regain its shape even after being bent or rolled. Always check labels and manufacture information prior to choosing a roll-up mattress bag.

Most mattresses offer a limited warranty of about 10 years. This warranty however is voided in the case of physical damage such as cuts, splits, stains, or damage to the mattress cover or structure. Therefore, it is vital to protect the mattress from the bag and prevent costly damage.

Mattress Moving Bag is vital to protect it from dust and mold

For long-term storage of mattresses, it is best to use a high-quality mattress bag with reinforce carry handles. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause mold and bacteria to grow on the surface of mattresses. If the attic or basement is the only space available for storage, place a dehumidifier near the mattress to control air humidity. Place the mattress flat on the pouch, much like you put it on a bed frame. Do not place anything on the mattress as it may damage the structure. However, it is safe to place the mattress on a platform, pallet, table, or similar object to save space.

Wrapping up

Moving to a new home can be nerve-wracking, and moving a mattress doesn’t make the process easier. You may have invested in a high-quality mattress, and leaving it in the trash is not an option. Bedding is easy to change, but mattresses are not. Take the time to protect your investment and make sure it comes together to reach your final destination. If you need an affordable and premium quality mattress moving bag, count on us to britwrap provide the best protective packaging.