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How to move a Sofa without damage?

Generally, a moving a sofa is amongst the most difficult items of furniture to move between homes, because they are to heavy and difficult to carry. This is the reason why they’re often moved last, after your other belongings have found their place in a moving box. There are many factors to consider when moving a sofa. This guide helps you carry this heavy, delicate, and costly item of furniture furniture without the risk.


Moving heavy furniture is always problematic for individuals and professionals. Several problems can arise, especially in the case of a sofa:

Heavyweight: depending on the manufacturing materials used, the weight of a sofa can reach a hundred kilos. It is necessary to have suitable equipment such as transport straps and a sofa bag for moving with handles.

Cover Large Area: Sofas are wide and difficult to manoeuvre. Ensure you do not try to move your sofa alone, as this can dramatically increase injury risks.

Narrow spaces: windows, doors, or narrow stairwells are all factors that can cause problems when moving a sofa. Calling professional movers with the appropriate equipment is the best option to avoid stress.

The difficulty of access: the house or apartment can also be located on the 2nd or 3rd floor, making moving even more difficult and tiresome.


Preparing for your move is the first applicable tip to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For the sofa transfer to be successful, you can consider the following actions:

Measuring the sofa: This is the first step. It allows you to determine if it can go through the door and stairs or not. In addition, you want to provide these dimensions to the mover so that they can determine the best solution to implement. If it turns out that the furniture can only pass through the window, you may need to use a ladder. Considering health and safety emasures here is also important.

Assess if you need additional help

We all have our physical limitations. We are not all built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his prime, or like Dwayne Johnson! To move a heavy and bulky piece of furniture, we all need help. Just for safety: a large and heavy object can very easily fall on us. You can quickly become unbalanced.

Ask for help: If you decide to move alone without a professional service, call on your neighbors or friends to give you a little assistance on moving day. It is easier to carry a sofa in the new home by working together.

Clear the passage: this technique is especially valid if carrying the sofa over a long distance is necessary. Decide on the shortest and easiest way to move the furniture with confidence. It is also a way to significantly ensure the safety of carriers and other furniture since the carrying distance is reduced.

Rent moving equipment: A moving company has the necessary equipment to transport heavy and bulky furniture. Among the virtual machines to move a sofa is the furniture lift.

Prepare your couch: If you haven’t hired a professional and are about to move your furniture yourself, these tips will help you get organized. When you plan to move your sofa, a minimum of precautions are necessary. The first task is to clean it with a vacuum cleaner; if it is leather, clean it with a blower and pack your sofa in a bag for moving with handles.

Precautions to take when moving

When you transport your sofa, it may get stained, or worse. The leather sofa, for example, may wrinkle or suffer minor cuts. A suede sofas can suffer some stains if it comes into contact with a liquid substance. These are hazards inherent in the transport of furniture. That’s why you should make sure to protect your sofa by covering it with a sheet or a cover. Moving your sofa safely often requires the participation of two people. It’s important to consider your body position when handling sofas, it is advisable to bend the knees slightly so that part of the weight is transferred to the legs. It can prevent unfavourable lifting techniques, likely to cause injuries. You can use a sofa cover with handles to pull it without damaging the floor to facilitate the move.

The sofa will be protected once it is placed in the moving truck

It’s imporatnt to lift the sofa with a good grip, where the material won’t be stressed, to prevent unwanted marks or damage. The sofa can be protected only once stored in the moving truck, either with blankets or a protective cover to prevent the fabric from being stained or damaged during transport.


To sum up, if you have to move your sofa yourself, you need these types of equipment

  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Plastic Cover sheet.
  • Storage bags or covers with handle.

Of course, you need someone’s help to load your sofa into the moving vehicle and unload it .upon arrival. You can also call on a professional who takes care of conditioning your furniture with the appropriate material. However, this does not exempt you from the cleaning step.

How to protect the sofa during a move?

Be careful with transport. It’s time to protect your whole furniture and especially your expensive sofa with proper cover. Tie them, if possible, with straps to hold them securely;  If you use a van, cover the interior cabin with foam or bubble wrap.

 If you need a sofa bag for moving, get in touch with us. We have a large range of high-quality sofa covers that protect your sofa from damage during your move.

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