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How to keep Food Products Chilled During Delivery with Insulated Packaging

In the food delivery business, one of the major issues faced by companies small and large is getting their products to their customers at the right temperature. Many food products need to be kept below a certain temperature to stay fresh and remain fit for consumption by customers. This can be difficult with warm delivery vehicles, especially when customers are further away and require longer journeys.

Our insulated food delivery boxes with gel cooling packs are an ideal way to keep food products between 0 and 8°C for up to 48 hours. Impact and water resistant, the foil lining prevents leakages while providing effective insulation. If your business sells meal preps, ready meals or chilled meats and fish it is important to make health and safety considerations. Keeping food products at an optimum temperature is the best way to protect your customers and your business.

During the coronavirus pandemic the demand for food delivery services has skyrocketed, presenting opportunities for businesses to adapt their offering to include home delivery, or improve their current delivery service. Businesses who offer home delivery are able to sell in broader markets and reach people who may not have otherwise become their customers.

Our delivery packaging products are reusable, allowing you to make huge cost-savings and lower your business’ environmental impact.

Our strong, double-walled delivery boxes are available in 3 sizes with gel packs included. Our gel ice packs significantly outperform water-based packs, providing superior cooling for much longer.

Additional gel packs can also be purchased for improved insulation or if you need spares. Unused gel packs can easily be disposed of using a sink.

Please contact us to enquire for more information. Our friendly sales team are experts on all things packaging and are always happy to help.