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How to protect your goods during transport and handling?

The transport sector may seem simple since it would only be a question of transporting a certain type of goods from point A to point B. But in reality, the transport of goods is much more complex. Indeed, it is exposed to several risk factors that can alter or damage the package.

These risks may be related to humidity or heat, other climatic aspects, the various impacts during the transit, or potential accidents during the loading of the goods. Let’s not forget the risks associated with storing goods in a warehouse. All these aspectsmust be taken into consideration to ensure the protection of the goods.

What are the challenges facing packaging producers?

Protective packaging includes various protective materials and products and equipment designs that are essential to facilitating parts of our daily lives. Without the safe packaging, your new TV can’t reach your home safely, and your fruit can’t stay fresh after being shipped by sea.

But packaging procedures face different challenges when it comes to different types of packaging, which need to be more durable and versatile. Efficient packaging has numerous requirements, all of which manfuacturers must overcome.

Your protective packaging must be:

  • Hardwearing and strong.
  • Versatile and adaptable.
  • Reusable or recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly.

Specialised industries have more niche requirements for their packaging. For example, food manufacturers must need to deliver non-contaminated, fresh, and ready-to-eat food products. Industrial installations should protect hazardous goods during transportation to prevent leakage or accidental spills. The challenges are endless, and manufacturers should strive to create a wide range of customized protective packaging.

Optimised packaging for guaranteed protection of your goods

For the protection of cargo at each stage and its safe handling, a single formula is to be adopted:  bespoke packaging designed to be fit for purpose.

This is a crucial stage for the transport and handling of products. Indeed, the importance of this choice begins as soon as your goods are stored in the warehouse. This is because your product may be exposed to various risks that could damage its condition or packaging even before it moves into transit.

Thus, the choice is made above all according to:

The nature and characteristics of the product: is it a fragile product, sensitive to heat or humidity, or is it a dangerous or liquid product? In addition to the type of goods, their dimensions must also be taken into account, as well as their shape and weight. It is important to opt for packaging larger than the goods for better protection and to ensure its safety.

Choose the ideal packaging type and size.

Choosing the wrong type of cardboard can spoil efforts minimize potential damage. Here it is important to ensure the packaging chosen if suitable for it’s application, and yet affordable and cost-effective. This will largely be determined by the type of product you are transporting.

These two points taken into account will help you choose the most suitable and optimal packaging to transport your package to its destination. Moreover, it is also crucial to choose a reliable packaging company in the UK so that you can get high-quality packaging products.

Types of Packaging Boxes to Protect your Goods

  • Wooden Packaging

Packaging manufactured from wood is a type of packaging that can be suitable for different types of packages. Indeed, wood is a resistant material and can protect fragile goods or heavier goods.

It should be noted that the packaging made of wood can support merchandise that weighs more than 500 kg.

  • The Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard is the most common means of protection for commercial products. It is used not only in the transport sector but also in everyone’s daily life, in particular, to protect standard home-delivered products.

The popularity of cardboard packaging is mainly explained by its accessibility on the market, affordable price, and versatility.

For packing merchandise, folding kraft cardboard boxes are beneficial since they can be chosen to fit the size of the merchandise. Indeed, it is more economical to opt for a smaller box for small-sized goods and vice versa, as well as being better environmentally. From this perspective, the folding kraft cardboard box finds interest because it can be adapted to all packages.

But using cardboard packaging also means using other protective materials, such as bubble wrap or kraft paper. It is always advisable to insert these materials in the carton, whether it is a folding kraft cardboard box or other, to better protect the goods from the various risks that may arise during transport.

  • Paper Packaging

Paper is used to protecting goods, to protect them from light, humidity, or even dust.

Since paper is an element made from wood, certain characteristics of the latter are found in paper, including resistance. But paper is also a more flexible packaging and allows you to wrap your goods according to their shape and size.

Paper packaging can also be used to improve the protection of other types of packaging.

  • Plastic Packaging

Plastic is also an efficient way to store and transport your merchandise. Plastic boxes also adapt to different types of goods, making them versatile packaging.

The problem with plastic packaging is that it has to be treated in a specific way.

  • Insulated Double Wall Cardboard boxes

These types of boxes are beneficial to keep food products safe, cool, and fresh. These types of boxes are even reusable. You can also keep them in the refrigerator or fridge. You can use these boxes to enjoy your home meal during your travel. Besides, they are also ideal for your food delivery business. 


The choice of the packaging of your goods or your parcel must also take into account. The fact is that the nature of the packaging used may not be suitable for the nature of the goods. Indeed, it can happen that there are reactions between the goods and the packaging material.

Material handling work is advanced management work. To respect the incoterm or the seller’s obligations in relation to the buyer, the seller must set up an elaborate system to manage his storage to avoid the risk of damage and alteration of the products in the warehouse. But the protection of the goods also requires meticulous work when loading the product.

Protective packaging increases the number of items that companies can ship. This means an increase in the number of barrels or drums you can move and the number of things you can send. With protective packaging, you can safely travel worldwide from pepper powder to cell phones!

Wrapping Up

Protective packaging is an integral part of any supply chain. Without it, the merchandise responsible for reaching its destination will be damaged or broken. At Bitwrap Packaging, we have an excellent range of versatile packaging materials suitable for various industrial needs.

We believe we have the industrial packaging solutions you need, from heavy-duty poly bags to cardboard boxes. Our friendly and professional team is available to answer any questions. Count on us for protective packaging in the UK.