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How to store a rug or carpet

Whether you’re storing a rug that’s an antique, a family heirloom, a charity shop find or just a standard household rug you want to make sure it’s protected, so here are some top tips to help you along the way. 

Tip 1 – Vacuum

Before putting any rug into storage it is wise to give both sides a good vacuuming. Hoovering your rug will help to remove any superficial dirt – i.e. crumbs, dust, pet hairs and the like. Using the upholstery attachment from you hoover will give a deeper clean and ensure no dust is left for bugs to fester on once it is in storage.  

Tip 2 – Clean

Prior to cleaning, always check the care label and instructions; some rugs can be machine washed however others must be hand washed. Remember to take extra care with wool rugs/carpets as they often need specialist shampoo- also be mindful that dye from the rug may transfer when your rug is wet so dress appropriately. Once your rug is clean and completely dry you may want to spray your rug with an insect repellant, bugs can’t eat synthetic fibres however if your rug is made from natural fibres it can be susceptible to moth and beetle attacks.

Tip 3 – Always Roll 

And never fold! Folding can lead to creases and cracking so always roll a rug or carpet into a cylinder when putting it in storage. You can either roll your carpet with the pile facing inward or outward, however if the rug is delicate or fragile carpet specialists advise keeping the ‘good’ side facing outwards. 

Tip 4 – Package 

Choosing the right packaging and storage for your rug is imperative. Britwrap’s rug and carpet storage bag is water resistant, heavy duty and made from a woven polypropylene fabric which can not be penetrated by bugs. It is available in a range of sizes and can be sealed with a cable tie

Tip 5 – Store 

Whether you’re storing your rug in a garage, loft, basement or storage unit, it’s important to consider climate. Varying temperatures can cause condensation which can lead to damp & mould, using dehumidifiers or desiccants can help to control climates. Also experts recommend keeping rugs upright and off the floor for added protection. 

So there you you go five super tips for rug and carpet storage! For more storage guides and tips check our blog page here

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