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Having to root through a dozen boxes to find the tin opener because every box in the kitchen looks exactly the same is not what you want at the end of moving day. That’s why you need to label. If each box has a clearly presented label with enough, but not too much, detail about the contents you’ll breeze through unpacking without a hitch. 

Here are some suggestions for labelling your moving boxes:

1. Name

Although it’s not completely necessary to do this, it is a wise idea. Moving day can be chaotic and things can get mislaid so it’s better to be safe than sorry – plus having boxes with the customer name printed on them is also helpful for your removal company. 

2. Room

Having your boxes labelled with the room they belong in means that they can be unloaded into that room which saves any reorganising.Why not be super efficient and  colour code this part of the label, for example all kitchen boxes are labelled in orange pen. 

3. Contents 

Moving Box Label

Now this part of the label doesn’t have to list every single item within the box but you do want to be relatively specific. Something like ‘kitchen accessories’ would be too vague, however ‘wooden utensils, silverware, baking trays & cutlery’ would be a good medium. 

4. Instructions

This is where you would indicate whether a box is heavy, needs to be handled with care or it contains fragile items. It is quite important that you fill this part to save any injuries or accidents. You could also use ‘Fragile’ packing tape for added safety.

Follow this label guide and you’ll be spared any unpacking confusion. In fact, why not download our moving labels here to save you the task of creating you’re own.

Good Luck! 

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