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Reusable Pallet Covers


Mattresses are an essential belonging to protect when moving houses. While mattresses may seem like large, spongy objects at little risk, their construction is actually fairly fragile. When handling mattresses during a move, it’s important to take certain precautions to protect your valuable sleep provider. 

Protect your mattress during your move with a good mattress bag

This is the first point to consider when considering  how to move with a mattress. The key thing to consider is this: cover its entire surface with a plastic wrap. For example, you can use a transparent and light cover that allows it to be transported with ease. These however, are susceptible to tearing, which can leave mattresses vulnerable to damage. Use a mattress bag for moving and storage for a long-lasting, robust solution that will provide complete protection while being resistant to deterioration. 

It not only makes your move easier but it also makes you able to protect the mattress from dust, dirt and humidity. Especially when moving while it is raining, it is vital to protect all objects from rain you may encounter perhaps unexpectedly.

How to pack a mattress professionally?

You can use cellophane sheets with moving tape and then wrap everything with layers of fabric or old blankets to limit the damage even more. This may be the only option if your budget is quite limited, however a real protective solution is a purpose-designed mattress moving bag, providing multiple advantages and peace of mind for you during your move.

Do not pile other items on your mattress.

The big mistake that everyone risks making is storing items on top of a mattress in transit. This may seem like a good idea because a mattress is probably longer and wider than other items, so logically they should go at the bottom. This can cause severe damage to the mattress and in some cases render it unusable. 

How to carry your mattress?

Another issue is how to transport your mattress. Anything larger than a single mattress becomes very awkward to handle, and poses risks to the homeowner, such as losing your balance or not seeing an obstacle due to reduced vision. Here, using a specialized handling solution, such as a mattress bag, is much safer.

Can I use a car for the move?

To transport a mattress from one house to another, you need to consider the size when you decide to use one means of transport instead of another. In some cases mattresses can be placed in a car, however most sizes are too large. If you do choose this method, ensure:

  • Your mattress does not protrude from the sides.
  • Your mattress does not interfere with the driver’s view.
  • You avoid going beyond the back of the car.

In short, you have to pay attention to safety. In many cases, it can also be dangerous to carry the mattress in the car without the right precautions. For this reason, it is always advisable to use a large van, suitable for the needs of those who have to move.

Benefits of mattress covers or protectors

One significant benefit is the prevention of dust mites. It is very common for mites to accumulate in the sheets every night. If the mattress and sheets aren’t rigorously cleaned, or the bed is not ventilated daily, this can present health concerns or trigger dust mite allergies. The mattress cover acts as a barrier and prevents mites from reaching the surface of the mattress while it’s being stored. 

Mattresses usually last about 10 years, however this can be shortened very quickly if the correct care isn’t given. Follow our hygiene tips to save having to purchase a new costly mattress.

Who can help you with this special transport?

Hiring movers or a van will make moving your mattress significantly easier. You may already be using one for your move. This is the best option in terms of ease, speed and safety.