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As many delivery teams will know navigating a mattress throughout a house can be difficult especially getting through the doors or up the stairs, whilst trying to grip onto slippery polythene packaging.

The traditional method of mattress packaging is Polythene. The amount needed to effectively protect the mattress can be very high, especially at the corners which are the most prone area to damage. 

Polythene is also only suitable for one use and therefore has to be disposed off once mattress is delivered. This makes it an expensive material to use whilst being damaging to the environment.Even with polythene the mattress can still be damaged. When the delivery crew try to lift and carry the product they can easily put their hands through the plastic, damaging the hygiene seal, leaving it open to damage and therefore make it unsuitable for sale.

 Many companies try to increase the thickness of the polythene bag, however this massively increases the cost of packaging per item, as well as creating huge amounts of waste that goes to landfill. This is not a cost effective or an environmentally friendly way of packaging mattresses.

Another way of protecting the ends of the mattress is to add an additional layer of polythene or padding to the ends so that they have extra damage protection. However, this becomes very costly to add this element into the packaging for each mattress. It also means that the problem of being able to grip and carry the product effectively is still present.

Weir & Carmichael have the answer to these mattress packaging problems with a cost effective and environmentally friendly product The Britwrap Reusable Mattress Bag. It is an all in one solution which enables retailers, home delivery companies and removals companies to fully protect the mattress whilst cutting waste and making the mattress easier to handle.

Britwrap reusable transit packaging is made from durable woven polypropylene, with Velcro fastenings and unique reinforced loop handles. Once the mattress is inside the bag it is fully protected from any damage or dirt. The handles on the Mattress Bag promotes correct manual handling making mattresses easier to lift and transport reducing risk of injury to delivery teams.

In order to provide complete convenience, the mattress bag has been designed with a transparent PVC window which is ideal for scanning barcodes on the mattress.

Our rigorous tests have shown that the Britwrap Mattress Bag can be re-used up to 70 times meaning cover will pay for itself after only a few uses. This will provide up to an 83% reduction in packaging costs compared to disposable one trip packaging* (Source: Eco innovations programme report) and a dramatic reduction in packaging waste of disposable packaging such as polythene and cardboard. This leads to a considerable carbon emission saving through up to 3 van trips taken off the road due to damaged mattress.

Our Mattress bags also offer a fantastic marketing opportunity as covers can be made to reflect customer branding. This makes the britwrap mattress bag ideal for mattress manufacturers and retailers as a cost saving and green initiative. Since its introduction, it has been selected up by several leading DIY and home delivery retailers to replace their existing mattress packaging, and they are already reaping the cost saving, and environmental benefits.

It is also ideal for removals companies. For removal firms, being able to quickly and securely package up items is important.  The Britwrap Mattress Bag can achieve this whilst eliminating any potential risk of damage to customer’s property during removal, storage and transit.

Standard mattress bags for Single, Double and King-size Mattresses can be bought direct from our online shop. We also offer made to order bags which can be modified to fit any size mattress.

We also offer memory foam mattress roll packs for roll up mattresses.

Contact us for any enquiries or further information or call 0151 934 1250 and speak to one of our friendly team.