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You only need to look at a California King Bed to see that it is pretty big, in fact the average size of a California King is a whooping 74 x 84 x 13 inches so if you are moving house, chances are you’re probably thinking how on earth am I going to get this from a to b?! Here at Britwrap, we’ve comprised  a moving guide for you to successfully combat the transportation of your beloved ‘King’.

Step 1: Start by stripping the bed of any pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, linen etc. When you come to packing these items use separate cardboard boxes or linen bags and label them ‘bedding’ as you’ll definitely be needing your bed at the end of moving day. Labelling will make setting up your bed quick and stress free.  

Step 2: Now measure the mattress and box spring. They will need to be measured separately as this is how they will be transported, make a note of the measurements as you will need these to plan your exit. 

Step 3: Next, measure door frames, hallways, staircases, tight corners etc so you can plan/map the removal route of the mattress from your bedroom to your vanline or truck. You may also want to do this for your new residence too so you can plan the route in. 

Step 4: Make sure your removals truck is the right size for your mattress. Many people under estimate just how mammoth California King Beds are and usually opt for small vans, pick up trucks or SUV’s when transporting the beds. We highly recommend hiring a removals company, who are experienced in transporting beds of this size and weight, however if you are keen on hiring a truck yourself here’s handy a size guide –

Truck Size Guide for California King Bed

Step 5: Now you need to think about packing your mattress. California King mattresses aren’t exactly cheap – chances are you’ve probably paid treble figures for it so protecting it from damage when in transit is a must. Britwrap’s heavy duty mattress bag is the UK’s no1 selling reusable mattress bag and protects from dirt, damage and moisture like no other mattress bag does. There’s no need for moving blankets, mattress boxes or plastic wrap Britwrap’s mattress bag is made from a heavy duty coated woven polypropylene fabric that will not rip or tear – it is so hard wearing it can be reused up to 70 times!! It is also equipped with a velcro seal to enclose the mattress and has reinforced lifting handles for added safety. Investing in a top quality mattress bag will extend the lifetime of your mattress and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Our california king mattress bags and all other sizes can be bought on the Britwrap site and delivered internationally!

Step 6: Next are the box springs. The majority of California Kings rest on two twin sized box springs which are usually fairly light but can be bulky and awkward to carry. We advise protecting these with a moving blanket to prevent any damage to door frames, walls and floors. 

Remember to to keep any bolts, nuts and screws together in a resealable plastic bag or container with any instructions or notes, this will make unpacking quicker and smoother. Don’t forget moving days can be pretty hectic, make sure you have sufficient help, equipment and refreshments. Planning in advance and making the necessary arrangements beforehand can be the key to a successful move. Good Luck!Click here to see our full range of mattress bags.  Call 0151 934 1250 for more information or BUY ONLINE