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Prepare a Rug for Long Term Storage

Storing rugs properly is key to having them for a long time. Carpets are essential decorative accessories in the living room, providing underfoot comfort. However, it happens that at some point, we have to store them for many reasons such as moving. Before keeping your carpet, certain precautions must be considered so as not to affect the quality of the product. Suppose you have inherited a stunning Oriental rug. Sheer nightmares such as water damage, nasty odors, dirty, ragged, worn, discolored rugs… It’s hard to keep a carpet or rug clean and beautiful for long, especially when pets and young children are in the house. it is a difficult task but not an impossible one. Whether it’s an accidental stain, unnoticed dust, or deep encrusted dirt, there iare cleaning solutions when things go wrong, however as always prevention is preferrable and will most likely be much cheaper. To keep your rugs safe and secure, here are some things to know to become proficient at rug storage yourself!


 Rug Storage Tips:

  1.  Finding the perfect place to store it   

Before answering the question, how do you properly store a rug? The first consideration is the best place to keep it. Carpets made of natural materials such as wool require specific storage conditions because of their fragility. With this in mind, it is compulsory to find a dry place to prevent the product from getting wet. Doing this also helps to reduce the risk of mould. Cellars that are too humid are therefore not recommended, unless the rug is contained within a protective cover. In addition, the carpet needs a storage place that is protected from parasites, harmful insects, and even small rodents that may gnaw at the product. 

It is also not recommended to choose the roof space to store a carpet unless proper arrangements are made in safe manner. The best place to store a rug is the storage box or the furniture storage bag. These are specially designed to accommodate and keep all types of objects.

  1. Roll it Up

It’s important to roll the rug up, rather than folding it. This is to avoid wrinkles that could lead to cracks in the rug. We generally advise moving mats with the pile facing inward because the bank (the front of the carpet) is more delicate than the foundation. Next, wrap the rug in the rug storage bags and not in the plastic that does not allow the carpet to breathe. Especially if you are storing wool rugs, whose fibers might sweat and cause a dull and dirty smell, it is ideal to utilise a rug storage bag

  1. Preparation is Key

Vacuuming rugs frequently, especially those that receive a lot of consistent foot traffic, can help to avoid grit and dust from setting in. For that reason, you don’t need to go to great lenghts to keep your rug/carpet clean. Just vacuum the rug gently so that the settling dust lifts.

 Once every three months, it is a good idea to vacuum the back of the rug, focusing on its corners. This may also be a good opportinuty to vacuum underneath your carpet! Also, when you store your rugs, make sure you check them once or twice a year to ensure everything is okay.

  1. Cover carpets using rug storage bags

Wrapping/covering a rug is very helpful if you need to transport or ship it. Tightly roll the rug up and wrap it in a protective fabric such as woven polypropylene fabric to keep your rug safe.

You can also use a storage bag; these rug bags provide a superior barrier against humidity, and insects will be more effective than muslin.

  1. Elevate rugs in storage

Don’t put heavy items on top of them. Keeping rugs off the floor will allow you to easily see if there are any conceivable problems with rodents in a storage unit. Storage facilities often seem to be put up in low-lying regions; flooding whether minor or major can cause serious damage. Avoid loading up heavy items on top of the rug/carpet can keep strain from causing foundation destruction to the carpet.

  1. Invest in a rug storage bag:

Last but not least, rug storage bags. These are essential and can easily found online. Made from industrial quality woven polypropylene fabric which is much thicker and more hardwearing than traditional polythene. Using a rug storage bag is essential to protect your rug from pests, vermin, moisture, and dirt.

About us

     Britwrap Has Climate Controlled Storage Abilities!

The outer lamination provides a smooth external surface that can be cleaned easily. Rugs are folded lengthways with 30cm free height at the top to allow for secure ends with a cable tie. Britwrap bags are hardwearing reusable bags perfect for holding tall and cylindrical items such as rugs and roll-up mattresses.

Once secured with a cable tie, these provide complete protection from damage, dirt, and moisture.

The extra heavy-duty coated fabric can be easily wiped down and used again.

Available in four different sizes and colors – Small (white), Medium (Yellow), Large (Red), and Extra Large (Blue).

Wrapping Up 

Britwrap rug storage bags have climate-controlled storage facilities which are ideal for storing a rug/carpet. Our storage bags facilities offer an extensive range of storage unit sizes. These bags are made from industrial quality is woven polypropylene fabric which is much thicker and more hardwearing than outdated polythene solutions.