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Reusable TV Bag with Carry Handles: Comprehensive Protective Solution for TV Move

If you have to move, it is vital that you have your luggage ready safely. Television is something that needs special attention when packing because it is fragile. You should prepare it properly and use suitable materials to protect it, including padding and cardboard. You can safely pack your TV and move into its new home with a few precautions.

Prepare the TV for packing. 

  • Remove all accessories and cables.

When preparing the TV for packing, you should first unplug the TV and, if possible, remove the power cord. Then remove any cables that contain accessories, such as streaming devices or DVD players. To wrap them in twins or strips. Leaving the cables attached to the TV may damage them when moving the TV.

  • If there is a lot of material and string, it is good to write them down before packing. Wrap the tape around the thread and write down what it is. This step will make it easier to reconnect the system.
  • Place the cables in a separate box or boxes that you use to transport the goods. Keeping them in the TV box can be harmful if they move too much.
  • Wrap the wires together.

If cables in the TV cannot be disconnected from the TV, they must be carefully rewound. You don’t have to wrap the thread all the way around. You just have to be more discriminatory towards other people with the help you give.

  • Clean the TV with a microfiber cloth.

Clean the dust and dirt off the TV before packing. Not only does this help keep it clean, but the dust and dirt left on the screen can scratch during the move.

  • Take apart the TV.

If the TV is fixed to the wall, it must be removed. Usually, you need to detach the TV from the stand first and then remove the stand from the wall behind the TV. If you are not sure how to remove it, see the installation fix instructions. If your TV is large, you may need someone to help you lower it. Although the TV is relatively light, the larger TV may be heavier.

If the TV is placed on a stand, the stand must also be separated from the TV. This is the key to efficient storage. You may need to use a screwdriver.

Place the TV in its original packaging.

  • Keep all packaging when you buy a TV.

When you buy a new TV, it is good to have all the packaging with you so you can use it to go into the future. TV cases are specially designed to protect them, so their use is the easiest and most effective way to protect them while you walk.

  • Put a shield on the TV.

Remove all the warnings in the box and put it back on the TV. The packaging is specially made for the TV so it should fit perfectly.

You may need to play with protective foam or cardboard pieces that protect the TV. Take your time and make sure it is in the right place.

  • Put the TV inside the box.

Put the TV in the box and make sure it is in the right place. If so, it should not move much when the box is closed. When the box is closed, seal it with duct tape.

Some boxes can be closed with tabs and do not need to be closed with duct tape. However, without the tape, there is always the possibility of the TV accidentally falling out of the box.

Wrap the TV with wrapping material.

  • Pick up a soft packaging material.

Collect a variety of soft packs that you can use to wrap your TV. It can be a bubble wrap, a newspaper and a moving blanket. In many cases, you can use items that you are already moving, such as blankets, rugs and other amenities. They can cover the TV and move during this time, so you do not have to spend money to buy extra packaging. Wrap the TV with the soft packaging you find. When the TV is off, tap all of a sudden. Rolling the TV completely before mounting it on the table ensures that the table does not come into contact with the TV, which can damage the screen.

  • Put a strong shield in front of the TV face.

Once you have padded the face of the TV, it is a good idea to put strong protection on it. Use cardboard or thin plywood to protect the face of the TV. Scale the entire front of the TV. Next, cut the cardboard into the appropriate size and wrap it around the TV with masking tape.

  • If you have a big TV, you may need to use a few pieces of cardboard to shield the front of the TV.
  • You can use cardboard from a flat transport box or any extra plywood around you.
  • If you can, make temporary boxes out of trash. This will protect the TV more effectively than its front cover.

Insert the TV with a Reusable TV Bag with Carry Handles

The reusable TV bag provides resistance to dirt, scratches, and moisture. The heavy-duty handle makes the TV easy and safe to handle. Thus, it provides a perfect security solution for storage and transport.

After carefully placing the TV, make sure it is in a safe place in the truck, such as with a mattress or other soft surface.

You can pick up the TV and move it around in your car. Carrying it in the car’s back seat ensures that it arrives safely at its destination.       

At Britwrap, we offer a wide range of reusable TV bags for homeowners, removals companies and retailers. Explore our extensive collection to make your move easier.