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Introducing Britwrap’s New Reusable TV Bag, a comprehensive protection solution for your TV during moving and storage

Our latest addition to our renowned Protective Packaging range is yet another solution to a problem plaguing home-movers, retailers and removals companies alike – accidental damage. With the emergence of new 4K Ultra High Definition Technology, alongside ever-larger screens, the retail value of Televisions has been steadily increasing, transforming them into precious items like in the past. Alongside this increase is a greater need to protect your TV when it’s at its most vulnerable – during handling and transit. Our new bag does just this.

See it in action :

 Here at Britwrap we undertook extensive research and testing to determine which material would provide the best possible protection for encased Televisions. Our conclusion was Correx sheeting, which is not only hard-wearing and impact resistant, but can also be removed to achieve superior flexibility. This slots inside a sleek Polypropylene shell, which is dirt, scratch and moisture resistant; the result being a comprehensive protection solution.

To make handling easier we have added four heavy-duty carry handles, so TVs can be carried much more naturally, while adopting a safer lifting technique. This is particularly important for larger TVs, which pose a far greater risk of causing handling-related injury.

Our reusable bag is suitable for TVs with and without stands and features two-point Velcro fastening, which keeps the TV secure and snug, making it less vulnerable during transit. Our covers are self-standing so you don’t need to worry when you hit a speed-bump and also have space to store cables and accessories which might get in the way or even cause damage. Available in four sizes covering TVs ranging 19 – 65”, our TV bag will house most TVs currently and previously on the market.

Our Protective Packaging range have become go-to options for protecting furniture for homeowners, removals companies and retailers, whom our products save enormous amounts of time, money and energy.

 Explore our range and check out our new Reusable TV Bag.

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