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Shipping: the safety of the goods starts from the packaging

Packaging can help grow your brand and your business. Packaging variably provides a mix of protection, speed, safety, and customisation.

Packaging is today an increasingly important element in purchasing decisions, so much so that many companies selling through ecommerce have decided to invest in packaging, choosing greater sustainability and functionality over standard options. In the last two years, there has been unprecedented digital growth nowadays. Opening an ecommerce store is no longer an option but a need.

Roles and functions of packaging

Packaging represents the first and most important contact with the customer. Understanding and optimizing it could make your company a successful business. It is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  1. Branding,
  2. Functionality/speed
  3. The correct protection
  4. Security
  1. Branding:  Customizing your packaging improves your brand perception and builds brand loyalty. Because the box is the consumer’s first contact with their purchase, the more aesthetically pleasing the box will be, the better the perception of the goods received will be. Packaging can evoke thoughts and emotions, capable of influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers.
  2. Functionality/speed:  Another essential step is to speed up the packaging process. It is one of the main determinants of customer loyalty. For this, it is necessary to evaluate a packaging that optimizes the order processing speed based on the human resources used and budget. 
  3. Protection:  This is a critical step, as products will not always be handled delicately once they are with third party couriers. It is always a good idea to place the product in the center of the box and add void fill such as bubble wrap, filler paper, green filler chips, or dunnage bags.
  4. Security:  Some product categories require specific security systems. For example, ship the luxury or valuable goods carefully as it is a deterrent to any theft or tampering. So, it is imperative to choose the boxes with a double bottom, anti-burglary tapes, or gummed paper tapes to ensure the integrity of the package.

How should I prepare a package before shipping it?

Whether you want to send a package to an individual or a company, you must use suitable packaging materials to protect goods effectively. Therefore, the packaging phase is crucial.

  • Choose a proper box

Choose a box that provides the proper resistance according to the product you want to ship.  Generally, the go-to choice is standard cardboard boxes.

  • Use the Padding Material

Next, selecting and using the most suitable padding materials is necessary to keep goods safe. Alternatively, you can wrap items in bubble wrap and filler materials so they do not come into contact with the inside of the shipping box.

  • Seal with Adhesive Tape

Seal the box hermetically using self-adhesive tape reinforced with pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon.

Finally, it is necessary to apply on the package the label containing all the shipping data such as postcode, address, and other valuable information for final delivery. However, the label should not be applied to seams or adhesive tape.

How to choose the best protective packaging?

Generally, boxes are the most popular packaging in the world of transport. But there are many other products for shipments perfectly suited to every type of good.

  • Filling Materials

Materials to fill the gaps between goods, preventing the products from moving inside and lessening the risk of damage.

  • Use Anti-corrosive paper

It’s advisable that you use anticorrosive paper for metal products. It protects these items from rusting.

  • Thermal Packaging

Some products, such as food products, can spoil from temperature variations, so they require insulating. For such food products, special thermal packaging is a good option, such as insulated delivery boxes.

For electronic products, on the other hand, antistatic materials are recommended. 

  • Protective Boxes

Protective boxes are perfect for protecting the corners of fragile objects. They are perfect for the packaging of glass, mirrors, sheets, and crystals.

For quality and high-performing packaging, it is advisable to contact a professional company that specializes in the production of packaging materials and equipment.

At Britwrap, we offer wide range of reusable and protective packaging solutions for removals, storage, transport and retail. Count on us to make your delivery hassle-free and damage-free.