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Our export range will allow your business to ship products abroad or transport your products around your logistics network. Whether you’re making the occasional single shipment, to large-scale commercial shipping, we have you covered. Our cardboard lockable shipping barrels are a great way to store and ship solid or granular materials, such as seeds and grains, but is also suitable for hazardous liquids, as it features a leak-proof lid and is UN certified. Manufactured from high quality kraft paper, these barrels are more economical than steel shipping drums. Our square cardboard shipping barrels has the same offering, except due to their square shape, they can be stacked and stored much more easily in square or rectangular spaces, such as shipping containers. Our barrels are completely recyclable; making them an environmentally friendly single-use product. Both our square and lockable shipping barrels are available in three sizes to suit your product needs.


Our anti-humidity desiccants come in 5 different shaped sizes, to suit a number of mounting and positioning methods. Able to absorb 200% of their own weight, in air moisture, our high performance desiccants remove damp from the air surrounding your products. This protects packaging and contained products from damp-related damage, such as mould, mildew, corrosion and also the foul odours associated with these respectively. Products and materials can also be damaged by direct impacts during transportation, for example when smaller cargo moves around and collides with other cargo, causing unwanted damage to fragile items, or breaching packaging and causing leakages. To prevent this, our dunnage air bags can be placed into the spaces between cargo and inflated to spill the excess space. This gets rid of the space products would have to move around and hit one and other, keeping your exports safe by securing them in place. Our dunnage bags also contribute to decreasing damp, as there is less uncontained air to absorb moisture.


We supply a wide range of packaging products; many of which can be customised to your requirements. For large quantity orders, bespoke enquiries or more information, please contact us, or call us on 0151 934 1250 to speak to our friendly sales team.