Our team can save your business significant amounts of money by evaluating your current packaging products and proposing more cost-effective, sustainable alternatives. Thanks to our extensive packaging knowledge and innovative designs, you can make huge savings without spending valuable time and resources. 


Possible savings of up to 83% on packaging costs, through implementation of our reusable protective packaging products.

Evaluation process


          Initial face to face evaluation of current packaging 

Packaging solutions used in each area of your business are broken down and assessed by their suitability for their purpose. We then establish packaging reduction targets which match your goals.


          Opportunities for reductions/improvements identified

Next, we identify where resources are perhaps being misallocated. Here we discuss which materials would suit your applications best, while ensuring they're most effective, long-lasting and sustainabale as possible. 


          Bespoke packaging design and manufacturing service

Once the right solutions have been identified, we wil begin your order. Bespoke solutions can be designed alongside yourselves by our team, who will create prototypes. These are then tested and once approved, can be manufcatured. 

Our friendly sales team will provide regular updates on the progress of your order and answer any questions or queries throughout the process.