Britwrap is brought to you by long established packaging experts Weirbags. Weirbags, formerly Weir & Carmiachel, saw its inception in in 1955, when Clifford Williams purchased the business from the Carmichael family. The company's primary business had been supplying hessian and jute sacks for wheat and animal feed, which saw huge expansions in the consecutive 20 years, to include a wider range of packaging products, spanning numerous markets and applications.

Combining the expertise gained from operating in both the industrial and recycling sectors we created the Britwrap brand in 2010. The Britwrap brand specialises in the design and supply of reusable, environmentally friendly protective packaging. Since its launch Britwrap have successfully designed the award winning ‘Reusable Mattress Bag’. The massive demand for this product has allowed us to expand our brand and our protective packaging range. This now includes kitchen worktop carriersroll up mattress bags, sofa covers, sack truck covers and TV Cover. We supply to various markets including to retailers, removals and storage companies and homeowners.


Britwrap was made possible by extensive knowledge of the packaging industry, including material, logistics, design precedures and supply chains. This, combined with a passion for innovation, built a strong desire to create products solving real, multi-faced issues, such as handling issues and environmental concerns.


As a key material, harnessing the strengths of woven Polypropylene fabric is the key to Britwrap's high quality products as it is incredibly strong and hard-wearing, tear-resistant and moisture-resistant. Woven Polypropylene provides complete protection during periods of vulnerability such as handling or storage, where many products are frequently damaged or may deteriorate. Choosing this material makes Britwrap products versatile, long-lasting and able to bear the brunt of a huge range of jobs. Learn about how our products have been recognised in industry in our award winning section.