Transparent Flexible Pouch

  • Suitable for all heat sealers
  • Clear pouch makes contents fully visible
  • Press to close seal prolongs keeps contents fresh for longer
  • Perfect for businesses wanting to self-brand

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  • Stand up gusset - improves display appearance
  • Foodgrade inner provides excellent barrir from odours and moisture
  • User-friendly tearnotch for easy opening
  • 70g: 110 x 185mm + 7cm - Tea, coffee, sweets, dried fruit, sweets, vitamins
  • 150g: 130 x 225mm + 8cm - Tea, coffee, sweets, dried fruit, rice, nuts, grains, seeds, spices
  • 250g: 160 x 270mm + 9cm - Tea, coffee, seeds, sweets, cosmetics, powders, dried fruit
  • 500g: 180 x 290mm + 9cm - Tea, coffee, dried snacks, dried fruit, grains, nuts, powders, spices, cosmetics, detergents