Britwrap products combine not only great product designs, but also the right materials to create high quality, long-lasting solutions. The aim here is to replace traditional transport packaging methods such as disposable polythene and cardboard which are expensive and harmful to the environment. 

The core material utilised by Britwrap is heavy duty woven Polypropylene fabric. Woven Polypropylene draws its strength from its unique manufacturing process. Plastic sheets are taken and extruded into thin filaments, which are then woven tightly by machinery into large sheets of strong fabric. This process enables the result to be both flexible and resilient.

Our reusable protective packaging shields products during transit, eliminating any risk of damage whilst also cutting costs on transport packaging. Their reusability makes them one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of transit packaging. Our original bestseller, the reusable mattress bag with handles, which showed incredible longevity through constant reuse, encouraged us to transfer its attributes to our Sofa cover, TV cover and Sack truck cover

Benefits of reusable packaging

       Total reduction in damaged returns.

      Up to 83% reduction in packaging costs compared to disposable options.

      Our rigorous tests have shown that cover can be re-used up to 70 times.

        Dramatic reduction in packaging waste which may not always be recycled.

      Cover will pay for itself after only a few uses.

        Potential carbon emission savings are substantial.


Through various rollouts with major DIY outlets, home delivery companies, removals companies and homeowners alike, they have proven to eliminate all product damage encountered during transportation and have helped to massively reduce transit packaging costs. The Britwrap Protective Packaging has been designed with usability in mind. Transporting and manoeuvring these products are well known for being difficult, especially around homes and into vans and trucks. But our patented, reinforced handles make it much easier to carry mattresses or kitchen worktops, taking the stress out of the delivery process.