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Reusable TV Bag with Carry Handles

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  • Protects TV from dirt, damage and moisture during handling, transit and storage.
  • Made from a durable water resistant woven polypropylene fabric, which will not tear and can be reused over and over again – stronger than Polythene fabrics.
  • Equipped with 4 heavy duty carry handles which allow TVs to be carried safely through tights paces encountered around the house.
  • Suitable for TVs with and without stands – features side Velcro fastening to achieve a close fit for both. Note: If selected TV has a stand, please measure it including the stand before choosing bag size.
  • Velcro hood closure system and side velcro tightening will achieve a snug fit to prevent unnecessary movement during transit.
  • Reinforced with ultra impact resistant correx sheets which are removable for increased flexibility.
  • Inner lining has been treated with scratch resistant Polypropylene coating to prevent scuffing during use
  • Self-standing design prevents TVs falling and sustaining damage during transit and storage.
  • Side pockets can be used to store TV accessories, such as cables and remotes, which are easy to lose while moving homes.
  • 19 - 32" TV Bag - 100cm x 26cm x 61cm.
  • 33 - 43" TV Bag - 127cm x 32cm x 75cm.
  • 44 - 55" TV Bag - 159cm x 35cm x 90cm.
  • 56 - 65" TV Bag - 179cm x 35cm x 102cm.

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      • 19 - 32" TV Bag - 100cm x 26cm x 61c
      • 33 - 43" TV Bag - 127cm x 32cm x 75cm
      • 44 - 55" TV Bag - 159cm x 35cm x 90cm
      • 56 - 65" TV Bag - 179cm x 35cm x 102cm

Extra heavy duty 195gm coated woven polypropylene. Black

Impact resistant inner


Black colour with reinforced carry handles to help maneuverability (Colour may vary from colour shown)

Velcro colsure


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