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Brick Wrap – A Reusable Brick Cover


£ 11.00

  • A hard wearing reusable brick cover, provides complete protection to bricks from adverse weather conditions during extended outdoor storage.
  • Bricks are secured in place; reducing the risk of stacks collapsing
  • High visibility yellow material provides an additional Health & Safety improvement measure
  • Simple flaps at the base for ease of use and securing the cover in place with a weight such as a brick
  • Tear proof, water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Lightweight and easily folded for storage.
  • 100% Recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly solution
  • PLEASE NOTE: Brick Wrap brick covers are now Unprinted

Protection Benefits from BrickWrap Brick Covers

Moisture & Frost

Moisture makes the bricks slower to lay. Frost can damage the bricks needing to be stored and make them unusable.

Britwrap’s reusable brick covers provide a significant reduction in the bricks becoming wet, muddy or frost damaged when completely covered.

Unnecessary Costs

Bricks stored open to the elements may need cleaning or replacing causing unnecessary costs.

Britwrap’s reusable brick covers offer good protection from dirt and moisture, vastly reducing the need to replace the bricks.

Unnecessary Time

Wet bricks are time consuming to lay and muddy bricks need cleaning before use.

Britwrap’s reusable brick covers are quick and easy to use and secure minimising unnecessary time wastage..

Health & Safety

Bricks stored on site with no cover are easily damaged, unstable which is a particular risk when stored on scaffolding and aren’t easily visible.

Britwrap’s Reusable Brick Covers eliminate damage, reduce risk of safety hazards and injuries and are highly visible.

Our Unique Benefits

Extra Heavy Duty

Our robust, reusable brick cover protects the contents from frost, mud and wet and will not degrade if used outdoors long term.


Hi-visibility yellow coating ensures brick stacks stand out on site.

Handy Securing Flaps

Simple flaps on two sides at the base help to secure the cover over the bricks with a weight. E.g. A brick.

Health & Safety

Brickwrap brick covers ensure the bricks are secured in place. This reduces the risk of stacks collapsing, which can damage bricks and endanger staff.


Our all new all-weather reusable brick covers are made from extra heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric with additional UV protection and water tight coating; which prevent degradation in long-term outdoor exposure and maximise brick protection.

For large quantity orders, bespoke enquiries or more information, please contact us or call 0151 934 1250 to speak to one of our expert sales advisors.

Reusable Brick Covers are manufactured to ensure standard and imperial brick sizes can be easily stacked and stored inside.

  • Brick Cover with 2 x securing flaps.
  • Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 76cm.
  • Material: Thick woven polypropylene fabric, with hi-vis yellow coating. UV stable.
  • Water resistant.
  • Base: Open end with 2 x securing flaps attached on the outside of the bag on two sides.
  • Unprinted

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