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Protective Carpet & Rug Storage Bag


£ 8.00£ 12.50

  • Hardwearing reusable rug bag perfect for protecting tall and tubular items such as rugs, curtains and curtain poles.
  • Rug storage bags provide full protection from damage, dirt and moisture once secured with a cable tie.
  • Extra heavy duty coated fabric can be easily wiped down and used again.
  • Also perfect for rolled up mattresses and Christmas trees
  • Available in four different sizes and colours – Small (White), Medium (Yellow), Large (Red), Extra Large (Blue).

Unique Benefits

Full Protection Solution

Our water resistant fabric protects rugs from damage, dirt, moisture, dust and even bugs and vermin!

Easy to put on

Just fold and secure the rug and pop the cover over the top. Then  flip it around so the open edge is at the top and secure with cable tie!


Our handy covers can also be used for roll up mattresses, Christmas trees and anything tubular that requires protection!
Rug covers and closed with a cable tie so you do not need to damage the cover to take the rug out. This means they can be reused for years!
  • Rug bags for moving and storage are made from industrial quality woven polypropylene fabric which is much thicker and more hard wearing than traditional polythene.
  • The outer lamination provides a smooth external surface which can be cleaned easily.
  • Rugs are to be folded length ways with 30cm free height at the top to allow for secure closure with a cable tie.
  • Rugs should be rolled up along the short edge. For example, a 170 x  224cm would be 170cm rolled up in length.

For more information, enquiries or large quantity orders, please contact us, or call us on 0151 934 1250.

Colour (Size) Dimension (cm)
White (Small) 70 x 157
Yellow (Medium) 70 x 210
Red (Large) 70 x 226
Blue (Extra Large) 70 x 270

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