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Reusable Pallet Covers


£ 21.00£ 29.00

  • Reusable pallet covers ideal for protecting goods whilst on pallets.
  • Heavy duty cover shaped to fit a range of pallet sizes
  • Water resistant and 140gsm woven green fabric. UV protected to prevent degrading during long periods of outdoor exposure
  • Seams are heat sealed, bottom edges are hemmed
  • Easy to secure at the corners using ergonomic eyelets
  • Covers to fit UK and EU pallet sizes

Why Should You Use Our Pallet Covers?

Dirt & Moisture

Dirt and moisture can ruin the goods needing to be stored on pallets and make them unsellable.

Reduce Costs

Product stored on pallets can be of significant value and costly to replace.

Unnecessary Time

Large and bulky pallets can be time consuming to cover and protect.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Traditional packaging and transport methods involve using large amounts of single use plastic. Britwrap's reusable covers eliminate the need to use single use plastic completely.

Unique Features

Our pallet covers are reusable and robust. They are manufactured from extra durable, tear proof DyuroTec HDPE fabric
Easy eyelet fastening on all corners of the cover help to secure the cover to the pallet.
The pallet cover ensures the load is not only protected from the elements, but the contents are also concealed from prying eyes
We offer a range of sizes for both UK and EU pallet sizes.


Our new range of fitted reusable pallet covers, made from durable Polyethylene (PE) fabric, which is manufactured by laminating woven HDPE with LDPE. Fitted with eyelets on all four corners for extra tie down options. These pallet covers are tough, reusable and designed to protect your goods from the weather as well as dirty and dusty environments. They can also be an extra aid to stabilise your pallet during transit.

They are extremely popular for warehouse locations that have temporary storage issues as they allow you to store your goods outside. They are
also great for covering goods being transported over long distances in containers or for air cargo.

Reusable Pallet Covers are currently available in green in a variety of sizes to fit UK pallets and EURO pallets

Pallet Cover Size Dimensions Colour
UK Small 120 (l) x 100 (w) x 50cm (h) Green
UK Medium 120 (l) x 100 (w) x 100cm (h) Green
UK Large 120 (l) x 100 (w) x 150cm (h) Green
UK Extra Large 120 (l) x 100 (w) x 200cm (h) Green
EU Small 120 (l) x 80 (w) x 50cm (h) Green
EU Medium 120 (l) x 80 (w) x 100cm (h) Green
EU Large 120 (l) x 80 (w) x 150cm (h) Green
EU X-Large 120 (l) x 80 (w) x 200cm (h) Green

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