Britwrap Mattress Bag Size Guide


Mattress bags with handles are available in 9 different sizes to suit a range of mattress sizes and types. Please see table below for full details of dimensions of each type.

Please use this diagram to check your mattress bag dimensions against the measurements of the Britwrap mattress bags if you are unsure.

Mattress Bag Sizing Tips and Hints

  • Most covers have additional space - Each cover has been designed with some additional space so that the mattress can be easily inserted and removed.
  • Where the depth of mattress extends the given dimensions, any extra space at the side of the bag will allow for additional depth.
  • You can also buy a larger size than your mattress and use the additional space to hold extra items such as mattress toppers, pillows and duvets etc.
  • UK size mattress bags should fit standard IKEA™ and heavy mattresses such as Tempur™ unless your mattress is especially deep. Therefore, please go up a size to accomodate the extra depth.
  • UK size mattress bags should also be able to accomodate European and Australian standard mattresses.
  • Please check 'Actual Mattress Bag Dimensions' in the table below against your mattress for full confirmation before ordering.
  • Mattress bags may suit some box springs depending on their size. Please see ‘actual cover dimensions’ in the table below for confirmation
Britwrap Mattress Bag diagram

UK size chart

UK Size guide table



United States of America and Canada size chart

Size guide for US / Canadian mattress bags