Temperature Control

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Our temperature control range aims to provide packaging solutions to effectively manage the temperature of contents. If you’re looking to package your food products for your food delivery business, for example: desserts, sushi, meal prep or butchers/fishmongers, we have the perfect solution for you. Our food delivery boxes with insulation come in three sizes to accommodate a range of product and order sizes. Our delivery boxes are incredibly cost-effective compared to portable fridges or large cooler boxes, and allow you to hand orders directly to customers without having to remove them from your cooling facility or fridge. Made from double-walled cardboard and lined with an insulating foil bubble bag, our delivery boxes are recyclable, so if your delivery is the end of the product’s life, you’re not negatively impacting the environment. To keep contents nice and cool inside, our delivery boxes come with, and can be used with our gel delivery cooling packs, which are small 500g packs of specialised coolant gel, which is able to stay at between 0 - 8° for up to 48 hours. This allows our boxes and gel packs to be used for delivering food products via courier services which guarantee less than 48-hour delivery, meaning you can deliver your products to expanded markets of customers. Our delivery boxes are strong and hard-wearing, meaning they can take a knock during transit without contents sustaining any damage. Leak and tear resistant, the boxes will ensure your customers aren’t disappointed by spilled orders and ruined products.


We supply a wide range of packaging products; many of which can be customised to your requirements. For large quantity orders, bespoke enquiries or more information, please contact us, or call us on 0151 934 1250 to speak to our friendly sales team.