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Britwrap Protective Covers
Reusable Mattress Bag with Handles

Reusable Mattress Bag with Handles

5 / 5
  • The most hard wearing mattress moving bag on the market
  • Protects from moisture, dirt and damage during transport and storage
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Three Seater Sofa Moving Bag

Reusable Sofa Bags with Handles

0 / 5
  • Hardwearing sofa bag that protects sofas against damages whilst in transit or storage
  • Available in four sizes with adjustable straps to suit a range of sofas
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Roll up Mattress Delivery Bag

Roll Up Mattress Bags

0 / 5
  • Perfect for eliminating damaged returns encountered during delivery
  • Range of sizes and colours available
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Kitchen Worktop Delivery Bag

Kitchen Worktop Carry Bag

0 / 5
  • Impact resistant carry bag protects from damage during delivery
  • Reusable bags provide massive cost savings compared to disposable packaging
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